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Raspberry Electrolyte Replacement Powder

Raspberry Electrolyte Replacement Powder


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Hydration Is The Key To Peak Athletic Performance. We Can Help Get You There!

Drinking plenty of regular water is good for you, but during times of stressful, intense physical activity, sometimes water just isn’t enough. Our all-natural hydration powder is the solution!

  • All-natural, coconut water-based hydration
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified paleo
  • Delicious, refreshing raspberry flavor

If you’re sweating bullets during an endurance race in the desert or as a result of gritting your teeth at the local gym, you know how much water the human body can lose in such a short period of time. Potassium-based hydration — our specialty here at PureLytes — is what you need during these peak periods of activity.

By using the high potassium content that naturally occurs in coconut water, we’ve been able to create a simple and great-tasting rehydration powder that truly works. Stop wasting your time and harming your body with sugary, jittery energy drinks and pre-workout supplements. PureLytes has the real deal, and we’re excited to share the key to peak physical fitness with you!

Put good things into your body and get good results. It’s as simple as our ingredients: coconut water, raspberry, coconut palm sugar, Himalayan sea salt, and Stevia extract. That’s it! Shop our Raspberry Electrolyte Replacement Powder today.

  • Net Wt. 16.5g
  • Contains 18 individual packets of our Raspberry Electrolyte Replacement Powder
  • Add to 16.9 fl oz of water

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