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PureLytes: All-Natural Pineapple Flavor
PureLytes: All-Natural Pineapple Flavor

PureLytes: All-Natural Pineapple Flavor


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Enjoy The Taste Of Pineapple? How About Feeling Naturally Hydrated? Check This Out!

The secret to optimal athletic performance and exercise truly is no secret — it’s all in hydration. Our Pineapple Electrolyte Replacement Powder is the best all-natural, potassium-packed hydration solution on the market!

  • All-natural, coconut water-based hydration
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified paleo
  • Delicious, refreshing pineapple flavor

Ever experienced painful, debilitating side splits before while out on a run or during a big race? That’s due to poor hydration. How about lightheadedness or early fatigue during intense crossfit or weightlifting? Time and time again, a lack of adequate hydration is to blame.

Coconuts offer incredible benefits for the human health, and coconut water itself is incredibly hydrating thanks to its potassium content. Realizing this, PureLytes created a hydration powder that’s simple, easy-to-mix, contains ingredients that are actually good for you, and tastes great! It’s hard to beat a combination like that.

By “simple,” we really mean it. All PureLytes contains is coconut water, pineapple, coconut palm sugar, Himalayan sea salt and Stevia extract — seriously, that’s it. Athletes, don’t miss out on the best exercise and race day performance of your life. Shop our Pineapple Electrolyte Replacement Powder today!

  • Net Wt. 16.5g
  • Contains 18 individual packets of our Pineapple Electrolyte Replacement Powder
  • Add to 16.9 fl oz of water