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Let’s face it: electrolyte supplements are a dime a dozen on the market these days. There once was a time where there were only a few big names in the sports drink industry, but now there are many options for people to get their hydration fix. From the world’s toughest elite athletes to your everyday Joe trying to get back in shape at the gym, there truly are many different electrolyte replacement drinks out there.

This begs the following questions: why choose PureLytes over other hydration powder drinks? What makes us different?

Designing the Ultimate Electrolyte Replacement Powder

We’re glad you asked! As athletes ourselves, our team sought after the perfect hydration solution that facilitates rapid electrolyte absorption while containing all-natural ingredients that anyone can easily read and pronounce. Oh, and of course, we wanted our drink mixes to taste great, too.

Once we turned to natural coconut water — Mother Nature’s sports drink — everything started to fall into place.

Taking Advantage of Coconut Water’s Naturally Hydrating Properties

It’s no secret that coconut water is chock full of potassium. On its own, raw coconut water will hydrate you, but left alone, it wasn’t enough to fuel our high-performance workouts. That’s why we added coconut palm sugar and Himalayan sea salt to the mix. These natural ingredients provide the glycogen necessary for the energy to fuel high-intensity, calorie-torching workouts, all while rapidly hydrating your body before, during, and after vigorous activity.

We Only Use the Ingredients That Matter

What we just listed above serves as three out of five total ingredients found in our hydration powder mix. The other two help things taste great: dehydrated, real fruit (blueberry, pineapple, or raspberry — stay tuned for more flavors in the future!) and Stevia extract. That’s it! We don’t mess with any artificial colors, flavorings, or anything else that we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting into our own bodies. All you’re getting is exactly what your body needs to stay hydrated during peak performance.

Designed With Science In Mind

Any athlete knows that drinking water, ironically, isn’t enough to stay properly hydrated and fueled. That’s why we’ve engineered a hypotonic solution that creates an osmotic effect throughout the body’s gastrointestinal system, meaning that water, carbohydrate and electrolyte absorption is maximized. In other words, your body will be utilizing its energy sources extremely efficiently.

Whether you’re sprinting a 200m dash or you’re in it for the long haul with a triathlon, PureLytes can help you perform at your highest levels, ward off fatigue, and even help prevent the dreaded “bonk” associated with endurance sports.

Your Diet Agrees With Us

Dietary restrictions shouldn’t hold you back from the best electrolyte powder on the market. PureLytes is:

  • Gluten-free
  • Certified paleo
  • Free from unnecessary sugars, flavorings, and other additives

Truly, we’ve set off to create an electrolyte drink mix that delivers only what your body needs — nothing less and nothing more.

Our words are only as good as your perceived athletic performance after you drink PureLytes. Give it a try for yourself! Shop our raspberry, blueberry, pineapple, or variety pack electrolyte replacement powder today.