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Athletes work hard. Athletes don’t make compromises, they don’t come up with excuses, and they certainly don’t cut any corners. Athletes set their mind on a goal and work as hard as possible to achieve it.

Our goal was to achieve the perfect low-sugar electrolyte drink mix that tastes as good as it is good for your body. As athletes ourselves, we thought that the sports drink market really left something to be desired. Sugary electrolyte replacement drinks may taste good, but in the long run (literally, for many athletes), these beverages aren’t doing them much good.

The Ultimate Electrolyte Replacement Powder For High-Performance Athletes

After years of development, we finally created the ideal hypotonic drink solution specifically designed to sustain high-level performance. Like training for a big endurance race or a major Crossfit competition, creating something that’s healthy, delicious, and guaranteed to boost your hydration levels wasn’t easy, but we did it anyway.

If you’re physically and mentally pushing your body to the limit, you’ll want to stay hydrated to support your performance. PureLytes is perfect for…


This style of exercise incorporates varied functional movements at high-intensity — often resulting in a butt-kicking workout. To help aid your recovery from a CrossFit competition or just time spent training at a local CrossFit gym, the first and most important step to is stay hydrated.

Endurance Races

Runners tend to swear by bananas for pre-race fuel, but there are other good sources of potassium — think PureLytes! Our coconut water-based hydration powder utilizes the power of one of nature’s most potent sources of potassium, complete with natural coconut palm sugars designed to fuel your energy when it matters the most.

From a 5k to an ultramarathon, pounding the ground isn’t easy, but making sure that you’re hydrated before, during, and after your race will help you achieve that PR you’ve been training for.

The Weightlifting Community

You’re going to break a lot of sweat pumping iron, and it’s absolutely essential to your performance and training that you drink our electrolyte replacement powder before, during, and after the pain.

Team Sports

Whether you’re at the professional level or you’re in an intramural league for fun, it’s still important to fuel your physical activity with an electrolyte replacement beverage.

Learn More About What PureLytes Can Do For You

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