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About PureLytes


We have been athletes for most of our lives. In 2013, we were looking for healthy and creative ways to increase our performance, without sacrificing our physiological integrity. We were fit, we were healthy, but we wanted more. We were convinced that others were looking for the same thing. That’s when the quest began. Our goal was to find a natural electrolyte replacement drink with ingredients we could pronounce and trust. The supplement also needed to fit into our health-conscious lifestyles. We wanted something clean, crisp, and effective.

Coconut Water – Mother Nature’s sports drink.

Like many of our fellow health enthusiasts of the time, we stumbled upon coconut water, which is considered Mother Nature’s sports drink. Coconut water had many of the qualities and properties we were looking for, but not with the ratio or the taste we wanted.   We then spent the next several years researching medical and scientific literature about natural supplements and coconut water, leading us to take the leap and develop our own ideal product.

We combined simple, nutritious ingredients to formulate a perfectly balanced and flavorful electrolyte replacement drink that nourishes the body, while also replenishing energy stores to prevent early fatigue and maximize performance. The formula was created and designed by medical professionals using our experience, knowledge, and access to medical journals and studies. We are proud of the product that fuels our own bodies, and we want to share it with you. Read our blog for more information about our electrolyte replacement powder and your body.

The Ideal Hydration Powder and Electrolyte Replacement Drink

Most sports drinks on the market are full of sugar, artificial flavorings or additives, or just don’t taste very great. Knowing that high-quality athletic performance requires high-quality fuel, it only made sense to develop our own hydration powder and electrolyte replacement drink that’s naturally sourced from coconut water.

The real, dried fruit in each of our flavors tastes great and the sugar content is designed to provide energy for high-intensity workouts, not to pack on unnecessary calories. In other words, this is good stuff. Learn more about why PureLytes beats out the competition — and will help you beat out the competition — by visiting here.