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Blueberry Electrolyte Powder | PureLytes
PureLytes | PureLytes: All-Natural Blueberry Flavor

PureLytes: All-Natural Blueberry Flavor


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Optimal Performance For Your Workouts Has Never Been More Attainable!

Skip the sugary, artificial energy drinks and pre-workout products to fuel your athletic performance. PureLytes is the way to go!

  • All-natural, coconut water-based hydration
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified paleo
  • Delicious, refreshing blueberry flavor

So, it’s finally race day, or maybe you’re faced with an upcoming competition or an important game. How do you perform your very best as an athlete? While other pre-workout products make you feel jittery and eventually result in a crash, PureLytes is different.

Potassium is a powerful player when it comes to energizing the human body. Coconut water is a rich, natural source of potassium, and we’ve been able to create a delicious-tasting hydration powder that goes beyond what traditional H20 is able to offer. If you’re active and you’re looking to feel great while boosting your performance levels, there’s no other product as simple or effective as PureLytes — period.

With just coconut water, blueberry, coconut palm sugar, Himalayan sea salt and Stevia extract, your body and your mind will benefit from the best exercise that you’ve ever been able to achieve. Shop our Blueberry Electrolyte Replacement Powder today!

  • Net Wt. 16.5g
  • Contains 18 individual packets of our Blueberry Electrolyte Replacement Powder
  • Add to 16.9 fl oz of water