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PureLytes: Electrolytes & Natural Hydration


In terms of our survival — and the survival of nearly all organic life here on earth — nothing could be more important than water. This simple yet essential mix of hydrogen and oxygen (complete with a number of vitamins and minerals naturally contained therein) is so vital to not only our mere survival but also to achieve the best possible performance as athletes.

The Best Electrolyte Supplement Developed By Athletes, For Athletes

Here at PureLytes, we don’t want to toot our own horns too much, but we like to think of our team as a team of athletes. From team sports to endurance running to intense CrossFit sessions at the gym, high-performance activity is how we’d define a major aspect of our lives and how we spend our time. Can you relate? If so — and even if you’re not that active — electrolytes and proper hydration should be something of great importance to you.

The word “Electrolytes” is part of our brand name, so we also like to think that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to formulating the best electrolyte-packed drink mix developed by athletes, for athletes. Check out our delicious electrolyte drink mix flavors today!

What Are Electrolytes, Exactly, And What Do They Do?

Simply put, electrolytes are tiny particles that carry electrical charges throughout the body. Serving a number of roles to help your body properly function, electrolytes are primarily responsible for balancing your cell’s water levels both inside and outside of the cell wall. This, in turn, ensures that your vital organs and muscles are functioning as they should — which, of course, is extremely important when you’re practically pushing your body to its limit.


Preventing Dehydration And Keeping You Going

Vigorous activity causes your body to heat up, in which your body then begins to sweat as a natural way to cool yourself down. Exercising or racing outside in extreme heat only exacerbates your body’s dehydration potential, and as you sweat, your body will be losing fluids and, consequently, electrolytes. That’s not good. Feeling thirsty? You should hydrate.

Combating Dehydration Through Rapid Electrolyte Absorption

Dehydration can result in many negative impacts on your health and overall athletic performance, including fatigue, muscle cramps, headache, lack of focus, lightheadedness, and worse. Electrolyte-rich drink mixes, such as PureLytes, help the body rapidly replenish these much-needed electrolytes. While it’s also important to drink actual water during times of strenuous activity and day-to-day life in general, an electrolyte drink mix is like drinking “super water.”

Essential Nutrients To Look Out For

Harnessing the natural, hydrating power of coconut water, you find plenty of these essential elements in PureLytes:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

In other words, oxygen and hydrogen in normal water just aren’t enough to sustain your energy and nutrition levels when you’re sweating bullets. But what do these elements actually do for the body? We’ll get to that in our next blog post.

Hydrate Rapidly, Effectively and Naturally With PureLytes

Skip the sports drinks full of artificial flavorings and sugar. Instead, opt for our simple, five-ingredient electrolyte drink mix. Shop PureLytes today and stay tuned for our follow-up post!