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PureLytes: Getting Ready For Competition

Getting ready for competition

It’s finally here. You’ve trained months and months for the big day, restricting your diet and abstaining from going out and drinking with friends all in the name of health and fitness. While there are those who may poke fun at you and call you a stick in the mud for committing to such a disciplined lifestyle, at PureLytes, you have nothing but our utmost respect.

A Healthy Sports Drink Designed By Athletes, For Athletes

As athletes ourselves, we know what it’s like to sacrifice a lot of free time (and most of your social life) to better yourself and improve your fitness for competition. Our team has run races, lifted weights, participated in various CrossFit competitions, and done other competitive events pertaining to fitness. It’s certainly no walk in the park, but hey, it’s what we love to do. The rewarding feeling of crossing the finish line or stepping up on the winner’s podium after countless hours of sweat and tears? That’s a priceless thing to experience, and to us, it’s absolutely worth it.

We designed PureLytes to help people like you (and us) achieve the best athletic performance possible, all thanks to optimal levels of hydration. Though our hypotonic electrolyte beverage may do nothing to alleviate your pre-competition anxiety, it’s guaranteed to help you perform better from a physiological standpoint. Below, our team is going to share a few tried-and-true tips to help athletes like you relax before you start pounding the pavement or gripping those weights in a competition. You can learn more about the PureLytes story by visiting here. Let’s get started.

Know That You’re Not Alone

Think you’re the only competitor worried about who they’re up against? Think again. Many people have questioned why on earth they woke up so early to participate in a race or fitness competition, let alone had concerns about how their performance would pan out.


This is the most simple and widely-applicable piece of advice that we could really offer. A brief series of deep breaths will likely do wonders to slow down your rapidly beating heart and bring you back into the present moment. Anything meditation-like should help.


Talk Yourself Up

Don’t necessarily brag to other competitors about yourself, but mentally, tell yourself that you are strong, you have worked hard up until this point, and that you are worthy of competing. Attitude is everything. Go into a competition with a positive, personally-affirming attitude and you’re bound for success, whether or not that actually means winning.

Eliminate Any External Stressors Ahead Of Time

Where should you park? Where are the bathrooms? What about the water stations? Where will my family be sitting when they spectate? None of these thoughts should be in your head when it’s go-time. Do your research about the logistics of the competition ahead of time, and have a friend or family member help you out by driving you to the event. This way, you can focus on what really matters: crushing it!

Stay Hydrated With PureLytes

Make sure that above all else, your body is naturally hydrated thanks to our healthy sports drink. Get the details by visiting here!