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PureLytes: Benefits of Natural Hydration

Benefits of Natural Hydration

PureLytes is a premier natural electrolyte replacement powder that keeps you going when you’ve lost the necessary electrolytes you need to function. But why is PureLytes so special? There are plenty of sports drinks and powders out there, so you are probably asking yourself, ‘what about PureLytes makes it unique?’.

Coconut water is a huge part of what makes PureLytes so unique and tasty. When we were spending time researching how to create our electrolyte replacement powder, we realized that coconut water is what we kept gravitating towards. Not only does it rehydrate your body, but it also tastes delicious and is extremely healthy for you. Coconut water contains potassium, magnesium, and sodium – all of which are elements that you lose when you workout.

Since we wanted to maintain a powder formula for convenience and portability, we had to get a little creative. We chose coconut water in powder form – an ingredient that very few other similar products include. Since PureLytes is an electrolyte replacement powder, our customers can add it to any liquid of their choice; although, we think adding it to good ol’ fashioned water is perfect!

To take things a step further, we wanted to create a clean formula that benefits the body in more than one way. Utilizing natural sugars to sweeten up our formula was essential to create a product that not only works but also tastes good.

Fruit powder and stevia extract are two other ingredients that make PureLytes unique. Most other electrolyte powders and sports drinks use artificial sweeteners or fruit extracts to sweeten their products. At PureLytes, we believe that all that extra artificial sugar should be left out of the equation in order to have a beneficial and healthy electrolyte replacement powder. PureLytes won’t give you that extra buzz of energy from all of its sugar contents, but rather from its scientifically formulated and all-natural list of ingredients.

Our small packets of electrolyte powder also make PureLytes stand out from the rest. We put a lot of consideration into making our product easy to bring with you anywhere – to the gym, on vacation, or to keep at your desk at work. Because of our packaging, you can have PureLytes at your disposal wherever you are.

The next time you’re craving a delicious and nutritious electrolyte replacement powder, look to PureLytes. As of right now, you can request free samples here. Stay tuned for more details about our pre-sales and our launch this spring, and thanks for your interest in PureLytes electrolyte replacement powder!