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PureLytes: The Benefits of Natural Sugar

Natural Sugar = Proper Fuel

Natural Sugar

If you’re heading out for a big day, water on its own will not cut it. From your morning jog or bike ride to simply running errands around town, regular H20 doesn’t replenish your system with everything it needs to keep going. However, this doesn’t mean that you should throw back random sugary drinks. Instead, you need to find solutions that contain natural sugar.

Recently, sugar on its own has been getting a bad rap. Specifically, I’m sure that you’ve heard a lot about going completely sugar-free or carb-free - even when at maximum exertion. With all that said, it is true that loading up on too much sugar will cause more harm than good. Essentially, you’ll bonk from being too “sugared” up. However, you can’t completely remove all sugar from your routine if you’re putting in work.

This is where natural sugar comes in - and there are plenty of reasons to make use of it every day. Today, I’ll share a few examples of how “good sugars” can give you the necessary boost for any adventure.

First, natural sugar is a must-have if you’re heading out for a 90+ minute effort. 

Unlike water on its own, carbohydrates (like naturally-sourced sugars) will increase your endurance and recovery. Most importantly, “good carbs” will promote muscle growth and reduce overall fatigue once your big day is complete.

Specifically, natural sugar will help you get through a big effort in three ways.

Boost During Endurance Efforts. 

  • When you’re putting the hammer down (during a workout or just trying to get to work), your body is tapping into its energy reserves. As a result, it’s vital to replenish your body with necessary carbs to keep you driving forward. Furthermore, this is critical when you’re out for a long day - as your body’s energy stores will start to rapidly deplete the longer you’re on the job.

More Energy For The Next One. 

  • Once your big effort is over, it’s time to refuel. Just the same way that you can’t start your car on empty, the same holds true for your body’s glycogen reserves. As soon as you get home, filling your body with natural carbohydrates will replenish energy reserves and make sure you’re ready to get after it again.

Enhanced Recovery. 

  • After a long day out, your body is in overdrive trying to restock its energy reserves. In addition, it’s also trying to repair muscle tissue that’s been put to the test during your last big effort. This is where natural sugar can help get you back on track - as it promotes tissue growth and prevents your body from staying in the red.

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