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PureLytes: Hydration For Race Day

Hydration for race day

So, after months and months of preparation and dedicated training — you probably can’t recall how many times you said “no” to that morning donut at work — you’ve finally reached the night before race day. Whether you’re facing something as speedy as a 5k or as endurance-based and challenging as an ultramarathon, the important point of the matter is that you’ve worked incredibly hard to prepare for this event. Through all of the sacrifice, discipline, and toil, here you finally are.

However, if you’re not taking it easy, eating well, drinking plenty of fluids and getting a quality night’s rest before the big day, then you’re practically throwing everything away. Why fall short of your very best performance just because you forgot to take care of your body the night before? When it comes to race day preparation, we truly can’t underestimate the importance of what we just listed above.

Scientifically Proven Hydration With PureLytes

Chief among these things is more-than-adequate hydration, and PureLytes is confident that our coconut water-based hydration powder packets will give your body what it naturally needs to get a leg up on the competition and smash your personal record! Our hypotonic drink solution is designed to maximize water, electrolyte and carbohydrate absorption in the bloodstream, resulting in rapid rehydration when it matters most — especially on race day.


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The best part? PureLytes tastes great! Learn more about the best rehydration drink made from five simple, all-natural ingredients by checking out our delicious pineapple, blueberry, and raspberry flavors. Below, we’re going to cover a few effective ways that athletes can prepare for that epic moment on the starting line.

Get Plenty Of Sleep The Night Before

We really can’t emphasize this point enough. Regardless of how hard or long you’ve been training for one specific race, you won’t perform even close to your peak ability if you’re running on a few hours of sleep. Sleep is a time where the body naturally heals and recovers itself, thereby helping your muscles, heart, lungs, and other vital organs work properly the following morning. Shoot for that 7-8 hour mark the night before — of course, this is the amount of sleep that you should be getting every single night anyway.

Quality Nutrition Matters

If you’re eating a double-bacon cheeseburger the night before your race, you’re probably going to have a bad time. It’s not just what you eat the morning of that matters. What you have for dinner and even breakfast and lunch on the day before will affect your metabolism, energy levels, and so forth.

As for the morning of your big race, eating the right foods — and the right amount of food — is vitally important to your success. Things like bananas, energy bars and other sources of energy designed for endurance events or quick bursts of energy for a short and fast race are ideal. We’ll leave the decision to “carbo load” the night before up to you.

Don’t Exercise Too Hard The Day Before

It’s one thing to go out on a light jog or do a minor workout the day before your race, but if you’ve been training very hard up until a few days before the big event, you might even want to consider taking the day off. Aside from poor-quality rest and a lack of proper nutrition, entering a race sore and exhausted is a crucial mistake that many athletes seem to make. Listen to your body, take a healthy amount of L-glutamine to help counteract any soreness, and try to enter your race feeling 100 percent!

Hydration Is Absolutely Essential For Optimal Athletic Performance

This is no secret. If your body doesn’t have enough water, electrolytes, and carbohydrates to use as energy during your race, then you’re going to crash. We’ll admit; it’s pretty difficult to find a healthy electrolyte drink out there that isn’t packed with tons of sugar and artificial flavorings that are less-than-ideal for your body.  Paving the way as the best electrolyte supplement on the market, PureLytes is proud to provide athletes with a healthy, all-natural and sustainable way to hydrate.

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Coconut water, fruit, coconut palm sugar, Himalayan sea salt, and Stevia extract — that’s all the goodness that you’ll find in PureLytes! Lead the pace of your race by trying out our rehydration drinks today.