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How To Cure Your Hangover

The Hangover Pre & Post-Game Approach

cure your hangover

Dealing with hangovers becomes even harder as we get older. In other words, we can’t just hop out of bed and hit the ground running as we could in college. Plus, all those “hangover cures” that may have worked senior year are definitely not going to help you now.

There’s nothing better than a great night out with friends, family or loved ones. However, when a few too many cocktails get involved, these long nights can turn into even longer mornings the next day. Try as we might, it’s hard to avoid the dreaded hangover from taking over.

However, there’s no better time than now for us to work hard and play harder. So the question becomes - how can we avoid the fearsome hangover while “adulting” at the same time? Fortunately, we have a few tricks.

Start Drinking Early (but not like homecoming weekend...)

As much as we think that hangovers are a standalone ailment, the truth is hangovers equal extreme dehydration dressed up as the ultimate buzzkill. Said differently, every delicious glass of wine or mixologist drink you enjoy is not going to hydrate your body. Plus, it’s easy to focus on the fun side of the menu and disregard following each drink with some high-quality H2O.

With this, the best way to keep the party on and not stay curled up on the couch the next day is to focus on the good stuff before the bad stuff. Simply put, you need to start drinking early...meaning water, many hours before you head out!

Specifically, it’s best to have a few pints of water (emphasis on water) that can be boosted by potassium and other natural sugars proven to keep you hydrated.

As you start to get your swerve on, don’t forget to chase that boozy special with some water along the way. To be clear, this won’t reduce the effects of alcohol on your judgment or coherence. However, it will balance out the dehydrating effects of your neighborhood happy hour and make your morning hangover a thing of the past.

Replenish Your Body With The Good Stuff

Back to those “old college tricks” - it’s safe to say that you probably guzzled a ton of Gatorade after a massive night. Outside of likely being the only drink worth having in your dining hall, it’s also commonly understood that electrolyte drinks are perfect for hangovers. However, the truth is that you’re just filling your body with the same garbage that had you dead to the world in the first place!

Just the same way that alcoholic drinks contain empty calories, traditional sports drinks are full of bad sugars. Furthermore, these artificial sweeteners and endless sugary ingredients will make your headache even worse later in the day.

So, if Gatorade won’t cut it, what can you do? The best way to beat a hangover is to rely on ingredients that don’t come from a lab. Instead, they come from mother earth - starting with coconut water. First, coconuts are crazy-rich in potassium and natural sugars that will replenish your system without any side effects. 

Also, you can add some juice (literally) to coconut water to add some flavor and provide your body with natural sugars that will make you feel better. For example, raspberries/blueberries/pineapple pair very well with coconut water and certainly taste way better than traditional “bug juice.”

Ultimately, we should all try to keep ourselves in check when it comes to having a good time out when drinking is involved. This will sound cliché, but always remember to drink responsibly and make sure one of your friends can order a rideshare service like Uber.

In the end, we all need to get smarter about how we drink. Fortunately, there are ways to make use of beverages and ingredients that grow out the ground to make your next hangover much less painful.