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PureLytes: Hydration With Coconut Water & Palm Sugar

Hydration With Coconut Water

Have you ever pushed your body to its extreme limits? Sweating bullets while running a half marathon in the heat is one thing, but giving every ounce of strength and mental fortitude to get past a workout hump is something else. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to exercise, we can’t achieve our goals and push past these mental and physical barriers without energy. Though it’s an inspiring sentiment to push through the pain with raw motivation, our bodies need a source of energy to draw from. In short, this is why PureLytes has cleverly and carefully designed our signature electrolyte replacement powder with coconut palm sugar.

Addressing The “Why” Of Sugar In Our Natural Hydration Powder

Though we’re grateful to have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about our electrolyte hydration powder, PureLytes often receives questions about the sugar content listed in our nutrition facts. Those looking to torch calories or lose weight tend to be cautious about the sugar content of various foods they consume, and consumable workout products like our hydration powder beverages are no exception.

As individuals who care about our own health and wellness, we’re going to briefly cover why we’ve intentionally added coconut palm sugar into our proprietary hydration powder mix — and why it’s better for you and your athletic performance than you might think.

What Is Coconut Palm Sugar?

Also known as “coconut sugar,” this natural sugar is derived from coconut palm sap — not to be confused with palm sugar, which comes from a completely different type of palm tree. With a brown and granulated appearance, coconut palm sugar looks very similar to standard raw sugar. However, there are notable nutritional differences between the two.

The Nutrient-Rich Coconut Palm

While standard table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup don’t contain any vital nutrients, coconut sugar or coconut palm sugar does retain a number of important nutrients as found in the coconut palm itself. Instead of supplying empty calories like its sweet counterparts, coconut palm sugar contains minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. You’ll also find short-chain fatty acids like polyphenols and antioxidants.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a fiber present in coconut sugar called inulin. Research has suggested that this fiber may slow glucose absorption, helping shed light on why coconut sugar has a notably lower glycemic index compared to basic table sugar.

Workouts with purelytes

You Need It Because You’re Going To Burn It

Without the necessary calories, carbohydrates and associated natural sugar content found in PureLytes, your body simply wouldn’t have sufficient amounts of energy to burn when you’re vigorously exercising. Our natural hydration powder isn’t designed for sedentary activity — it’s designed to rapidly hydrate you before or after vigorous, peak athletic activity. When your body has nothing to burn, you’re going to crash. This is what PureLytes is designed to avoid!

Fuel Your Activities The Right Way By Choosing PureLytes

There are many hydration powder solutions on the market, but none like our rapidly-hydrating, energy-providing hypotonic blend. Maximize your water, electrolyte and carbohydrate absorption and sustain the high-level performance that you deserve with our hydration powder. Shop PureLytes today!