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Five Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water doesn't normally come to mind when selecting an electrolyte powder.

Coconut water is scientifically proven to have a wide array of health benefits. It contains several minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, which are frequently lost during a workout. When your electrolytes and minerals are diminished, there’s only one super effective way to gain them back – through coconut water! We happen to think it’s the best electrolyte powder for every athlete!

Here are five reasons coconut water will be your "new" Gatorade:

Compared to leading sports drinks and the typical hangover "solutions," drinking coconut water provides the electrolytes needed to fuel the body during high-intensity workouts and even hot summer days.

Now don't get us wrong... water is great but plain water will not provide you with the electrolyte levels that will keep you going and prevent dehydration.

We use dehydrated coconut water in our recipe to create an electrolyte remedy that every athlete can get behind. This is precisely why PureLytes is simply the best electrolyte powder.

To make the most of each and every workout, we encourage you to drink our premier electrolyte replacement powder. PureLytes is a hypotonic solution that will help facilitate the needed osmotic effect through the gastrointestinal system in order to maximize water, electrolyte and carbohydrate absorption. Through this, we’ve proven to be one of the best coconut water electrolyte remedies out there.

So stop searching for those perfect coconut water electrolyte remedies, because we’ve created the best one for every athlete: PureLytes. Be sure to fill out our form to get your free sample, or to just let us know what you think of our killer product!