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PureLytes: Avoiding Dehydration

Avoiding Dehydration

As something that’s often associated with the downfall of peak athletic performance, dehydration is no joke. Even if you’re not up against a race or a competition that you’ve spent months training for, drinking plenty of fluids still matters for everyone around the world. In fact, nothing could be more essential to our survival as human beings — except for breathing clean air, of course.

A Functional Electrolyte Replacement Powder Designed To Tackle Dehydration

Indeed, dehydration is so much more than feeling like you’re thirsty. Whether or not you realize it at the time, a lack of fluids can result in a number of concerning physiological changes ranging from muscle cramps to dangerously low blood pressure and even the possibility of fainting. For athletes who tend to burn significant amounts of calories and sweat profusely, drinking regular water may not be enough to sustain hydration. That’s why PureLytes has developed our proprietary blend of coconut water-based hydration powder designed for the high-performance athlete!

As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of naturally replenishing your body’s electrolytes without all of the added sugar and artificial flavorings from other electrolyte replacement products. With our signature electrolyte replacement powder, all you’ll find is coconut water, dried fruit, coconut palm sugar, Himalayan sea salt, and Stevia extract. That’s it — we promise!

Curious about what your body looks like on dehydration? Read more below.

Muscle Cramps

If you’re a runner and you’ve experienced the infamous “side splits” that drive you from a quick jog to a grinding halt, then you can probably attribute this pain in your side to dehydration. When additional water or electrolytes aren’t added to the body once they’re sweated out, your body is forced to transfer more water to your vitals, leaving your blood thicker. Slow-moving blood is not able to reach the muscles in time, resulting in cramps.

Increased Heart Rate (And Lower Blood Pressure)

As your blood volume decreases due to dehydration, your blood pressure will also begin to plummet. This forces your heart to work harder and you may have a pounding or fluttering feeling in your chest. You’re also likely to feel lightheaded, weak, or just flat-out tired. Of course, if you’re running your fastest mile or competing to break a personal record, you’re likely to experience these symptoms of dehydration. Just make sure to rehydrate with our electrolyte replacement powder before and after vigorous exercise!

Heat Stroke

Needless to say, heat stroke is no fun. If you’re exercising outdoors during the peak of summer, then you’re putting yourself at risk of heat stroke — especially if you’re not replacing fluids as you should. We understand that distance runners tend to avoid the “treadmill” at all costs, so if you are running or exercising for extended periods of time out in the hot sun, bear in mind that you’ll need to hydrate even more than normal.

Enjoy Healthy, Sustainable Workouts With PureLytes!

It wasn’t easy to develop the best electrolyte supplement, but by taking advantage of coconut water’s natural hydrating qualities, we did it. With our delicious blueberry, pineapple and raspberry flavors to choose from, there’s an electrolyte replacement powder solution for every athlete. Hydrate with PureLytes today!