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Introduction To Natural Hydration

Hydrating The Natural Way - Coconut Water

The clock is ticking and each second feels like an eternity. Squat after squat, our legs are wearing quickly, becoming weaker and weaker with each repetition. Sweat is pouring out of our bodies, to the point where we can actually feel the electrolytes diminishing. Finally, the clock strikes 3:15 and it’s all over. We stretch a few different muscle groups and the workout is complete, so we all reach for our coconut waters. Then we start talking about the coconut water – how it’s good, but not great. How we wish there was a product out there that could replenish our electrolytes and hydrate like coconut water.

After a few too many of these difficult workouts, we found ourselves continuously weak and drained of energy with nothing to help perk us up. Energy drinks have too much caffeine, sports drinks have too much sugar, and protein powder isn’t ideal before or during a workout. Our electrolytes were depleted and our options for replenishment were limited. And so, the quest began for an electrolyte replacement that would rock our socks off.

The adventure started by looking at coconut water, one of our favorite all-natural workout drinks. Again, coconut water was good – but it left something to be desired. It didn’t have the ratio of electrolytes or taste that we wanted, so we spent the next several years researching natural supplements and coconut water. This led us to develop PureLytes.

PureLytes is created by combining nutritious and simple ingredients to formulate an electrolyte replacement drink that replenishes energy stores. PureLytes is hypotonic, meaning it gets pulled into the body rather than sitting in the stomach. We are athletes and medical professionals, so we were able to creatively design a product that’s not only delicious but is also scientifically proven to fuel your body. We use five simple ingredients that you can actually pronounce: coconut water powder, fruit powder, coconut palm sugar, Himalayan sea salt, and stevia extract.

Yes, we take our workouts and our jobs almost as seriously as we take our product. But just like PureLytes, we like to get creative with our workouts, and the ways that we sweat on a daily basis. Crossfit is one of our favorite sports because it combines discipline and true grit with strength training. Make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook to learn about the gyms we visit and where you can find our product.

PureLytes is still in the very beginning phases. We are making samples of our product in three fun flavors – blueberry, pineapple, and raspberry. If you would like a sample, please drop us a line at [email protected] If you have already tried our product, be sure to fill out our survey and tell us about your experience. We will have our product for sale in early 2018. If you simply want to learn more about PureLytes, read about us here.

Stay tuned for more news from PureLytes, your new favorite no-nonsense electrolyte replacement drink!