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PureLytes: Hydration Myth Busters

Hydration tips

Have you ever heard the expression “hydrate or die”? Admittedly, it’s less of an expression and more of a fact of life in the sense that we need to adequately hydrate on a daily basis in order to survive. That’s common knowledge, but what’s not (yet) common knowledge is that our hypotonic electrolyte replacement drink is becoming the new standard for athletes and active people alike to hydrate rapidly and effectively. That’s no myth.

Speaking of myths, that’s what today’s blog post concerns. In the age of digital information that we’re constantly subjected to, misinformation tends to run quite rampant. No area is safe from at least a few myths, and we feel it’s our responsibility to uphold the truth about the most important aspect of any organic life forms’ survival: hydration.

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Myth #1: Thirst Isn’t an Accurate Gauge of Your Need to Hydrate

You should listen to what your body is telling you, whatever the message may be. When you’re feeling thirsty or a glass of water sounds incredibly satisfying all of the sudden, then act on it! Your body’s thirst sensations are a remarkably sensitive and accurate way to tell you whether or not you should be putting fluids down the hatch. It all comes down to the kidney, the organ primarily responsible for controlling your water balance.

Myth #2: Eight Glasses of Water a Day Is The Magic Number

There are simply too many variables at play for this hydration generalization to ring true. What’s the volume of these glasses? What about people with different activity levels, sensitivity to sweat, and different body compositions? Naturally, an elite athlete who’s 6’3” in height is going to require more fluids than a sedentary individual who’s a foot shorter.

The larger you are, the more water you’ll need to drink to fuel your body’s critical functions, let alone replacing your fluids lost via sweat.

Myth #3: It’s Impossible to Overhydrate

On the contrary, it’s very possible to drink too much water and even die as a result. Individuals with a weak cardiovascular system or kidneys can experience congestive heart failure or pulmonary edema if they’re too hydrated. Even those with otherwise normal bodies can incur what's known as hyponatremia, or a severely decreased concentration of sodium in the body.

Novice runners and those getting back into exercise after a lengthy sedentary period may feel the need to drink tons of water but there is such a thing as too much. Our hydration powder also serves as an electrolyte replacement drink that ensures your body isn’t losing sodium, potassium, and other elements essential to your survival.

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Myth #4: Coconut Water Is The Best Hydration Drink For Everyone

It’s hard to say that one thing is universally fit for everyone, and a drink like coconut water is no exception. Coconut water does taste good and it is a fantastic, natural source of electrolytes. Heck, dried coconut water is the principal ingredient in PureLytes. We love it.

However, you shouldn’t just drink pure coconut water all of the time. This is especially the case for those with kidney disease that can’t process high levels of potassium. Our balanced, hypotonic electrolyte mix is like super-coconut water and while we highly recommend drinking it before and after exercise, there’s nothing wrong with drinking plain ol’ water.

Myth #5: The Color of Your Urine Determines Your Hydration Level

In some cases, this is true. However, a more accurate gauge of how many fluids you’ve been drinking lies in the volume of your urine, not necessarily the color. Multivitamins commonly give urine a bright yellow color and this is still the case even if you’ve been drinking a ton of water. High-protein diets tend to have similar effects, and there are a number of other foods that can also alter the color of your urine regardless of how much you’ve been drinking.

Think about it: the more fluids (ideally water and PureLytes hydration powder if you’ve been working out) you drink, the more urine you should be expelling. So, if you seldom visit the restroom, you should probably drink more fluids. Conversely, if you’re peeing every 15 minutes, maybe tone it down a little bit.

Myth #6: Hydration Makes You Immune to Heat Stroke

There’s simply no way to be outright immune to a condition like heat stroke. It either happens or it doesn’t, though it is true that proper hydration does decrease your risk of your body temperature rising above 104 degrees. However, other factors like your fitness level, body composition, the intensity of exercise, age, humidity in the air, the extent of sun exposure, and elevation truly play a role in making you overheat.

If you’re planning an ultramarathon in extreme heat or even going on a light jog in hot weather where the UV index is through the roof, please prepare ahead of time by wearing appropriate clothing and hydrate adequately.

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