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PureLytes Blog | Discussing Simple, Effective Hydration

The Benefits of Natural Sugar

PureLytes: The Benefits of Natural Sugar

If you’re heading out for a big day, water on its own will not cut it. From your morning jog or bike ride to simply running errands around town, regular H20 doesn’t replenish your system with everything it needs to keep going. However, this doesn’t mean that you should throw back random sugary drinks. Instead, you need to find solutions that contain natural sugar.
Purelytes Hydration Hangover Cure using Coconut Water

How To Cure Your Hangover

There’s no better time than now for us to work hard and play harder. So the question becomes - how can we avoid the fearsome hangover while “adulting” at the same time? Fortunately, we have a few tricks.
PureLytes Hydration in Cold Winter Weather

PureLytes: Hydration Tips For Cold Weather

  Here’s the reality of staying in shape: it’s difficult. You may know exactly what to do — to eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink a lot of fluids...
PureLytes Hydration Myth Busters

PureLytes: Hydration Myth Busters

Have you ever heard the expression “hydrate or die”? Admittedly, it’s less of an expression and more of a fact of life in the sense that we need t...
PureLytes Hydration for Competition

PureLytes: Getting Ready For Competition

It’s finally here. You’ve trained months and months for the big day, restricting your diet and abstaining from going out and drinking with friends...
PureLytes Hydration with Pineapple, Blueberry and Raspberry

PureLytes: Ingredients For Healthy Hydration

Here’s your no-brainer for the day: the best way to hydrate is simply to drink water. No doubt, water is the tried-and-true hydration solution tha...
Purelytes Hydration Coconut Water and Palm Sugar

PureLytes: Hydration With Coconut Water & Palm Sugar

Have you ever pushed your body to its extreme limits? Sweating bullets while running a half marathon in the heat is one thing, but giving every ou...
Avoiding Dehydration with Purelytes

PureLytes: Avoiding Dehydration

As something that’s often associated with the downfall of peak athletic performance, dehydration is no joke. Even if you’re not up against a race ...
PureLytes Electrolytes Natural Hydration with Coconut Water

PureLytes: Details of Electrolytes, Natural Hydration

  If you’re not breaking a sweat, then you’re not working hard enough, right? Well, depending on the instance, the old adage may or may not be true...
PureLytes: Electrolytes & Natural Hydration

PureLytes: Electrolytes & Natural Hydration

In terms of our survival — and the survival of nearly all organic life here on earth — nothing could be more important than water. This simple yet...
PureLytes Race Day Hydration with Coconut water

PureLytes: Hydration For Race Day

So, after months and months of preparation and dedicated training — you probably can’t recall how many times you said “no” to that morning donut a...
PureLytes: Benefits of Natural Hydration

PureLytes: Benefits of Natural Hydration

PureLytes is a premier natural electrolyte replacement powder that keeps you going when you’ve lost the necessary electrolytes you need to functio...